Bold, Cinematic, and Moment-Driven Photography

My award-winning, documentary-style wedding photography is all about the cinematic, breathtaking shots, the photos that make you crack up laughing and the ones that make you warm on the inside or even bring a tear to the eye.  I want to capture the uniqueness of you.

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Your wedding day is totally unique. Shouldn’t the photographs of it help to tell your story? Photojournalist-style and based in Denver, these pictures will break the mold of what wedding photos “should be”.



You’ve worked hard to get to the front of the pack, our clients and competition should know you intend to stay there. Show the world you mean business with portraits that will underscore your visual branding and marketing.


Senior Portraits

Now is your time to shine, so step out of the shadows!  Turn some heads with a fashion-forward senior session, and let the world know that you won’t step out of the spotlight!


Family Portraits

Keeping up with the Joneses is no longer a thing. These pictures will have them wanting to keep up with you! Let’s make something beautiful together, and have fun doing it!


Erik Holladay

Erik Holladay

This is such a cliche origin story. I wish I could say a radioactive spider dropped onto my hand and poof, but…we all come by our superpowers and passions in different ways. it happened to me in a dark room in high school. I watched one of my very own photographs slowly develop in a tray. I had been an aspiring artist, but I had no idea what medium I wanted to pursue. The moment before that picture developed…I was a tattoo artist.

After that I had a successful career in photojournalism for 25 years, working all over the great state of Michigan. I watched Grand Rapids grow into a city, witnessed the destruction of the car industry in Flint, and became fascinated with NASCAR in Jackson.

I found a new passion in those years: STORYTELLING